Science has spoken. It’s time to stop denying.

With global temperatures skyrocketing and climate deniers still brushing the cold hard facts away like dust off their jackets, it seems climate change is here for the long run.

It seems the situation we are in is quite literally life or death and it really is time to act. This has recently been proven by scientists researching the effects of climate change on the Australian bush fires. According to the research, climate change has boosted the risk of hot and dry weather and created a 30% increase in bushfires. However, 30% may not be the full extent of it as studies suggest the figure could be even larger.

With the 1.5 global target still seemingly unreachable this figure is likely to climb even higher with these horrific conditions occurring four times more often at the least, wreaking havoc across the beautiful country of Australia.

The fire prevention system in Australia were struggling to keep the flames under control and were threatening to burst their banks working tirelessly for weeks on end to calm the blazes.

This needs to be a wake up call for the planet. They need to wake up and smell the pollution.

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