Is Boris finally beginning to understand? Or not?

With the climate crisis still raging like a wildfire, the need for drastic action is ever increasing and the British PM has finally announced something that could suggest he’s finally starting to get his head around it.

Although Boris Johnson still isn’t entirely supportive of the need for immediate action, he announced that the plan to stop the sale of petroleum and diesel cars would be moved forward from 2040 to 2035 stating that “2020 will be a defining year of climate action.” Is this ignorant climate denier finally looking past his enormous ego and realising the dire situation humanity is facing? Is he finally willing to succumb and take the action that is needed to stop humanity descending into a hellish pit of despair?

The legendary David Attenborough even admits it is encouraging to see the UK government showing a slight eagerness towards climate action. However, Boris Johnson’s so called “ambitious” plans for net zero emissions by 2050 just aren’t going to cut it. We need something revolutionary to tame the monster that is climate change, not the baby steps the PM is willing to take. He says he will encourage other countries to follow in the UK’s footsteps and attempt to work towards net zero emissions by 2050. I personally think this just isn’t enough. It’s not going to cure the widespread plague of climate change.

Cop26 is being held in Glasgow from the 9th to the 19th of November this year. Various countries will debate what to do about climate change and hopefully come up with an action plan to combat climate change and take the urgent action that is needed to take Mother Earth out of her long period of suffering.

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