Secretly shrinking!

As we face more of a climate crisis with the planet warming, birds are shrinking as their wingspan increases.

Let us explain….

Recent studies show that birds and animals are adapting to climate change. Over the last 40 years one reasercher, Dave Willard, has discovered that from 1978-2016, the lower leg bone of birds is said to have shrunk by 2.4%. In the same time period, the wings lengthens by 1.4%.

New evidence shows that because of our rapidly warming climate this is causing birds to decrease in size, which eventually has caused their wingspan to increace in size! Unfortunately for these birds as they migrate, and fly extremely long distance. With smaller bodies they have less energy for long distances. Thiis isn’t good for the birds.

Some history behind this…

In 1978, Mr Willard would walk around large buildings in Spring and Autumn during migration. This was to collect birds that had unfortunately collided with these large buildings. Usually Birds will migrate at night. However, this isn’t that great because the birds are attracted and follow the lights of the buidings and very often it does not end well.

A few years after Mr Willard started walking around the buildings, other scientists and researches got increasingly interested, and also helped contribute. Mr Willard himself had collected 70,716 specimens, by using his method of walking around the buildings.

In recent studies climate change isn’t just shrinking birds. Alpine goats and salamanders are also said to be suffering the consequences of our actions by shrinking, due to climate change.

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