Punished for nothing: The terrors of temperature rise.

Burundi is already top of the list of the most food insecure countries in the world, and climate change is only adding to the problem. With climate change eating away at the planet Burundi and other less fortunate countries are starving because of something they haven’t had much to do with.

It has been proven that the annual carbon emission of over 200 Burundians is the equivalent to that produced by one Briton. A study by the charity Christian aid shows that the ten most food insecure countries produce less than half a ton of C02 per person adding up to merely 0.08 of C02 emissions globally.

So why are these already starving countries suffering even more?

The amount of C02 in our atmosphere is increasing rapidly resulting in a decrease of nutritional quality in foods. Sadly this is effecting the most ravenous countries worst leaving the ones least responsible with the punishment.

Let’s take a look at the biggest offenders.


No surprise there. Japan’s harmful industry doesn’t think twice about our precious planet and spews out CO2 like it’s nobody’s business. They are the worlds largest consumer of fossil fuels and rank fifth in the list of the biggest CO2 producers making up 4% of the worlds CO2.


Russia is very dependent on oil, coal, gas and fossil fuels meaning the biggest country is also the fourth biggest offender. There is also lots of animal hunting and deforestation in Russia meaning it contributes 5% of global CO2.


India contributes to 7% of the worlds CO2 emissions because of the shocking amount of fossil fuels being burnt there. Fourteen out of the fifteen most polluted cities in the world are situated in India making it incredibly polluted. This gets India third place in the biggest polluters list.

United States

The United States contributes to 15% of the worlds CO2 emissions due to its high pollution levels which aren’t just contains to the big cities they are also effecting rural areas too. This gets the United States second place as the worlds second largest polluter.


China is the worlds most populated country with a gargantuan export market. More dioxide is emitted in China than in any other country. Beijing really feels the consequences of this with constant red alerts for environmental pollution. China contributes a whopping 30% of global CO2 emissions giving it the top spot on the list of the biggest polluters.

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  1. Tracey Middleton says:

    Excellent and informative post. Thank you.


    1. Thank you for your support. We appreciate it.


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