Polar bear Pandemonium

What are they ?

Polar bears are beautiful and extraordinary mammals that live in the Antarctic . They have amazing white coat that keeps them from the cold and there diet is, seals , fish etc.

What is their habitat ?

The Polar bears habitat is a cold icy place with water underneath. Although their habitat also contains a large amount of water Polar bear are not very great at swimming(although they can still swim). The reason being is there fur , but that is not the real problem , because , us as humans have taken our beautiful planet for granted and this has an affect on animelas and creatures that make our planet beautiful!

What is happening to there habitat ?

Well … in the Antarctic and Russia where the majority of Polar bears live the ice is rapidly melting . This is due to climate change , there are many Polar bear losing there families and floating of on a pieces of ice . The Polar bears losing their families is not the biggest problem , The biggest problem is that these beautiful mammals starve on that piece of ice and there will eventually be no Polar bears on the planet to fight for . Although our action have an affect on animals and inovent creatures we won’t get off easily with ice meltin ocean levels rise and it won’t just be the Polar Bears suffering. Next time you leave a light on think- could it help?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Eco Warrior says:

    Wow I really like this post. Short but informative!


    1. Thank you Eco Warriors, every one needs to know how bad Polarbears lives are.


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