Fast food toys find the exit.

In early 2020 (for the uk) Burger King will stop offering plastic toys , instead they will ask customers if they want a plastic toy or a book. Althought this isn’t perfect it is a start.

Why have they decided this now ?

This has all happend because of two amazing sisters aged 10 and 8 from Southampton. The sisters created a petition to stop plastic toys being sold in Burger King; the sisters were amazed when they heard the news that their petition worked. The two girls are now going on to takle McDonalds.

This achievement is amazing but why should an 8 and a 10 year old be taking on so much responsibility? At 10 years old you should be climbing trees and enjoying being a child. It is even worse that an 8 year old is having to take action! Why aren’t adults taking action for their children? The planet is becoming a monstrosity, why should children be cleaning up the mess the last generation made ?

Photo by : Park Troopers on Unsplash

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