Trump, Greta and the UN climate summit.

The recent UN climate summit has left people questioning whether the meeting was a success or a failure. There were many pros and cons to the meeting. 60 nations revealed they would be working on reducing their carbon emissions. However many other nations did next to nothing. Germany, in particular were criticised on not phasing out coal quick enough. Also, many major nations were accused of being uncommitted and lazy.

So what did individual nations pledge to do to reduce carbon emissions?

India, China and the EU:

They revealed they would have a tougher and more adequate plan to curb climate change by 2020.


Finland have set themselves a goal of becoming the first industrialised nation to absorb more carbon than they emit.


Pakistan have already planted a whopping 1 billion trees in recent years and are planning to increase that figure another 10 billion in the next five years.


Greece have pledged to ban single use plastics by 2021 and phase out the usage of dirty coal by 2028.

These efforts are fantastic but if we are going to achieve keeping the global temperature below 1.5 Celsius, other countries need to chip in and offer some help.

One major nation that needs to help out a bit more is the USA. The USA have no chance if half a job Trump continues to blatantly ignore facts and scientific evidence. However, if he could swallow his pride for just long enough to make a positive change for the future generations it could make a whole world of difference.

The ignorant climate denier made a surprise appearance at the summit but showed little respect. He wandered in mid-way through the meeting, barely touched the seat before rushing off to another meeting, supposedly more important than our future.

Footage of Trumps rude entrance shows a furious looking Greta Thunberg, who also attended the summit, staring him down like a hawk. She has all the rights to do this considering Trump is ruining her future. Greta made a speech to world leaders at the summit claiming they are failing young people by failing to act.

After hearing her speech trump took to social media and posted a sarcastic tweet stating “she seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to bright and wonderful future. So nice to see.” Yet what Trump forgets is that young people don’t have a bright and wonderful future to look forward to unless people like him step up and act.

Greta Thunberg and her colleagues have said they would take law suits against five nations claiming that by failing to create a better future they are violating children’s rights.

The summit is proof that the world is beginning to wake up to climate change but it still lacked the element of commitment needed at this point.

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