A lesson for teachers and students.

Maths. English. Science. Climate change?

Could climate change be a lesson not only for children, but for teachers aswell?

According to a report in inews, environmental issues could soon be part of the mainstream curriculum.

This as all happened because of the global climate strikes when, even though it was a Friday, classrooms were empty.

Teachers were clueless and worried that this was a recurring event so with a little help from the students they devised a plan.

One element of their plan included appointing a climate change ambassador in every school so that he or she could be the figurehead for climate queries, giving every student someone to talk to about their worries, fears and ideas.

Another part of their plan is to introduce climate change in every lesson e.g. in history pupils could learn about milestones that have affected our planet, such as the mass introduction and popularity of plastics and the role they have played in increasing global warming.

We at The Earth Doctor believe that this is important because students are terrified about their future and questioning if they should have children as they fear they will grow up in a dangerous, dying world.

In addition 69% of teachers are feeling alienated and not trained for these situations.

So why not work together to make the UK and the world a more educated place?



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  1. Ken Beck says:

    What do we want. Change. When do we want it. NOW.


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