The scorching 2000s, coincidence?……Not likely.

Is it a coincidence that since 2002 the UK has been on fire? Is it simply a pattern of the weather?

You can keep denying it but there’s no reason to. Open your eyes because the evidence is clear and it’s not pretty. Face the facts, stop being stubborn. It’s time to act.

The climate of the UK has warmed about the same amount as the global temperature rise. This is roughly just under 1C. Due to this fact, the warmer times have been more recent, whereas the colder times were further back in time.

Another sign of climate change is rain. There have been six of the ten wettest years in the UK since 1998. Over the last decade summers have seen 13% more rain and winters 12%. Is this what you want? Soggy summers and really wet winters? I certainly don’t. Last week the UK got their warmest day on record with temperatures in Cambridge reaching a mind boggling, blistering, scorching heat of 38.7C. This won’t seem very hot for some people but this is a ridiculous heat for the UK.

It’s time for people to step up, face the facts and get cracking cause the climate isn’t going to fix itself. You can do all you can as an individual but we need politicians to up their game or we are going to leave our planet as fragile as blown glass and future generations won’t be able walk on it without sending shockwaves around the globe.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ken Beck says:

    Keep up the great work the message is definetly getting through!


  2. Mian Ijaz says:

    Great cause for the future, please keep spreading the message. Well done!


    1. Thank you for the support, we are always trying to spread awareness.


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