Being eco-friendly at festivals

Its festival season and you are probably worrying more about your outfit than the environment. But you can still look stylish whilst saving the planet!

Follow these simple tips and you can rock out and not freak out about the rubbish you’r leaving behind.

The bad news

Once Glastonbury has finished it is estimated that there is enough rubbish to fill  half a million bags of litter -CBBC Newsround. (thats a lot of rubbish!)

Three years ago the festival killed over 40 fish by polluting the nearby river with sewage landing them a hefty fine.

 The good news

This year Glastonbury has stopped selling single use plastic bottles, which will save millions of bottles that would otherwise go into landfill.

What can you do to stop it?

  • You can bring your own reusable bottles.
  • You can carry your own reusable bags.
  • You can make sure your tent is secured properly.
  • Tell your friends to stop using single use plastics.
  • Don’t wear body glitter or body gems.

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