How to have an eco-friendly Father’s Day.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we’ve got some gift suggestions that won’t cost the earth, or ruin it! 

Take a look at our fabulous list of eco-friendly alternatives to  please your dads this Father’s Day.

These days EVERYTHING you see, touch and taste has probably been in contact with plastic. Try the ideas below to make sure that you won’t be adding to the mega plastic pollution problem this year.

  • Treat your dad to a coffee cup that will warm him up, without warming the world up too.
  • Why not make a donation towards a charity working for global warming or plastic pollution?
  • A 4ocean purchase not only helps the oceans and provides hundreds of jobs, it’s also a stylish, unisex accessory.
  • If your dad takes pride in looking good, then a bamboo toothbrush or eco-friendly hair product could be the way to his heart this year.
  • For a man who enjoys the great outdoors, a litter picker will make a stroll outside a lot more rewarding.
  • For office dads that carry around a plain and boring briefcase, why not treat them to a unique vegan version that will definitely be a conversation starter?

Last but not least, DITCH THE GIFT WRAP!

 40 percent of plastic produced is packaging, used just once and then discarded. So why not use a more quirky gift wrap like newspaper or magazines?


Don’t forget to have an amazing Father’s Day!

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  1. Kenneth Beck says:

    Great ideas I look forward the Father’s Day 😍


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