Endangered species

There are now 41,415 endangered species facing possible extinction. It is believed between 200-2,000 species become extinct every year. Lots of species are endangered due to human actions like like climate change and plastic pollution.

One critically endangered species is the Amur leopard with less than 70 of these fantastic animals still alive. Sadly the Amur leopard has been critically endangered since 1996 and still no action is being taken.

There are many different types of sea turtles out there like the green sea turtle, leatherback and hawksbill turtle. But sadly every different type is facing extinction. The Kemps Ridley comes out top of the list as the most endangered sea turtle.

Sadly, many of our most well known species also face extinction including; the lion, tiger and elephant. But that’s not all, one of the most critical life forms on this planet, insects also face extinction this would also result in extinction of humans. But if we take action now we can save this beautiful planet!

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